Tuesday, July 27

Is Dancing a Spiritual Experience?

We all feel happy every now and then, and sometimes we feel so happy that we can't help but dance. People dance worldwide, regardless of politics or culture, as a way of expressing joy, and sometimes when they feel sad as a way of cheering themselves up. Matt Harding danced all over the planet and shared his appalling dance moves with hundreds of people along the way. His video is a beautiful reminder that we are are all connected to each other and that we all share a common bond, even if that bond may be a complete lack of rhythm.

If nothing else, this video should give you hope that your dancing isn't that bad after all.

The videos been around for a while but I bet even now you can't watch it without smiling, and that shows the power that dancing holds. So one way to experience spirituality might just be to dance. With no care for rhythm, style, or even the music, just feel the joy, and go a little crazy.

Imagine what an happy place the world would be if everyone we met was dancing.
Video reminded to me by Astronomy Picture of the Day

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