Monday, July 26

What is Spirit?

2969089369_cd09a217df_m.jpg So what is Spirit anyway? Do I even know what I'm looking for? Spirit seems to be a word that means whatever people want it to mean, and while that would make it easy to find spirituality in my life ('Pouring the milk over my Corn Flakes is so spiritual') it would probably cheapen my quest a little.

Before I can begin seeking spirituality I need to answer a question - 'What does spirituality mean to me?' If my life were a movie a question like that would be answered by a montage scene or with a road trip, but as I don't have a film crew to hand, and as I can't drive, I'll have to find my answer in a more old fashioned way.

What does spirituality mean? What definitions have people given to it already
The state, quality, manner, or fact of being spiritual
Right... that was helpful. What does it mean to be spiritual then?
Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit
Fine... and what is the nature of spirit?
A strong distilled alcoholic liquor.
Alright, maybe I'm doing this wrong! Maybe instead of looking at other people's definitions of Spirituality I should define it for myself. What is it that I'm looking for in this quest for spirituality?
noun. adj. 
  1. The experience of powerful, and beautiful, emotions
  2. A feeling of connection, even entanglement, with other people, with nature, and with the universe
  3. The creation, and appreciation, of beauty in all its forms.
It's a sloppy definition I'll admit, but then there's a reason I don't work for the Oxford English Dictionary, the main reason being that it would probably be a really boring job. Not much chance of finding spirituality there.

And so with the challenge laid out, the quest can begin. Let's go find some spirit. And when we're done drinking that, we can go find some spirituality.

What are your definitions of Spirituality? Is there anything I've missed?
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