Thursday, February 9

Enlightenment in the Office

Stress ball at Work

Right now, I kinda hate my job.  I am quite sure that I am not alone in this, and i'm not just talking about the other people in my office. Every day millions of people go to a job they don't particulary enjoy. And that's just in my family alone.

It's true then, based on my very impartial survey of me and my friends, that many of us spend lots of our time doing work that doesn't inspire us, that bores us, or that plain makes us want to run around screaming at the top of voices and pouring tins of red paint over our CEO's. Well, maybe that last one is just me.

Either way, It seems like something of a waste, that's 35+ hours a week doing things that don't enhance your life in any way except for making it that little bit more stressful.

I may not be a guru... in fact I'm pretty sure I'm not, I don't even have a proper beard... but it seems to me that it's time for an experiment! 

Can we find a way to make even the dullest job enlightening? Is there a way to truely make the 9-5 a 7-11 highway to heaven kind of experience?

Or, to put it another way, would the Dali Lami be as blissed out if he worked in a call centre? 

Now I have a habit of making my experiments far too complicated and quickly getting bored of them, so I'll make this simple

  1. Control day - I will use Friday as a control day. This is generally the most relaxing day of the week and will be a good benchmark against which to test other methods
  2. Ratings - I will rank each day on a scale of 1 to 10 for various stress rating scales which I have yet to find out.
  3. I will remember to find out some stress rating scales! 
  4. For the whole of next week I will chose, at random, a page from "The Little book of Calm at Work"  and attempt to follow those instructions throughout the day. 
  5. I will blog and rate myself throughout the week and we'll see if it has any effect on my overall stress levels.
  6. I will remember that this is in no way scientific! 

If nothing else it will make me week more interesting, and it will give something to write about. I think that's a win-win personally. I''m not sure you would agree. 

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