Thursday, February 9

Oh Hai!

How quickly a goal changes and a dreams fails. How soon we decide thet we are not the person we were last week, or the week before that. How suddenly we veer and become something new. 

Or to put it another way, How easily I stop being bothered about this whole Spiritual Atheist thing. 

Life seemed to get in the way, there was so much going on in 2011 and my life decided to get decidingly more difficult for a while, but these are just excuses. The fact is I lost track. I was never quite sure how I was supposed to pull of this Spiritual Atheist thing. It seemed a little bit too hard and I stopped being brave enough to try it. I think I will try it again. 

My life feels exactly the same now as it did when I first started this blog. I am still largely unfufilled, but normally happy. I have little ambition, only a few hobbies, a handfull of friends. In short I'm relativley average, give or take a few inches. (Heh!)

I am still, despite my very half-arsed efforts when I first started this blog, completey unenglightened. 

It is probably time to start again. 

Life, it turns out, doesn't get any easier just because you have a steady job, are married, and have a playstation 3. It continues to be a bloody pain, with a whole new set of problems, and a whole nev series of things trying to bring you down. 

Recently, I've been letting the bad things get the better of me.Enough of that already.Besides, if nothing else I need a project to work on to give me focus, and something to encourage me to keep writing. I doubt this blog will ever be the beginners guide to Spiritual Atheism that I hoped it would be. But it might at least be something to keep me occupied on this cold winter nights.

And it seems the first thing I have to do is reupload the header bar and logo. Honestly, you stop blogging for a year and Flickr decides you're dead or something. It's enough to make need to meditate.

This blog is a baby. Help it to grow. If you like what you've read please share it!

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