Saturday, February 11

Enlightenment in the Office - Control Day

I had been worried that Friday wasn't going to be the best day to use as a control day, and I was somewhat right in my suspicions. I say that not because it was the worst day ever but, as far as work goes it really wasn't all that bad. This as probably partly helped by fact that my boss was only in for half the day, which meant I could actually get my work done, and our team is trying out a new "Stop whining in front of your workmates" idea which is just as ridiculous, and just as painful, as it sounds, but did mean that everyone was trying very hard not to wind me up. 

Office stess

I have decided to keep scoring simple and rate my stress levels on a simple 1 to 5 scale. A hasty google search for Stress Scales on Friday morning caused only confusion. I had originally intended to score this every hour but when working in a call centre your time is not your own and this proved impossible. Instead I decided in the end to just recall it whenever I remember. 

You can see, I hope, the very high scientific standards I am applying to this experiment. 

These scores are being recorded throughout the day, and when the week is over I will plot them up to obtain a daily average. I'll then be able to see if it has been possible to make my office life that little bit more bearable by following the tips in "The Little Book Of Calm At Work".  

And if everything goes well, I may even have discovered enlightenment. 


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The Skoot said...

Oh, are they peddling that 'don't whine' crap at your work now? They pulled that on us at my last job, and it's such rubbish. There are times when having a good bitch with workmates is exactly what you need to help you calm down when you're having a bad day, especially in a customer-facing environment. Stopping you from doing that only means it all builds up inside you, which is much more harmful in the long run.

Spiritual Atheist said...

Very true, it's actually proven that we get on better with people when we're gossiping that when we're being nice.
But to be fair I'm so sick of hearing people moan that it might be site nice to have a legitimate reason to tell them to shut up for a bit!

It Will Come said...

When you discover the enlightenment you were born with, the days of the week do not matter anymore. Working to keep your body alive is just something to do while waiting for IT to come. You are taking this temporary vapor of humanity which we inhabit for a little while, much too seriously. Relax, your freedom will come sooner or later. For me hopefully sooner. When the Doctor tells me "you have cancer." I will tell him, "its about fucking time, when will I finally be released from this bodily prison."
My Dear Spiritual Atheist brother, when you place yourself in this spiritual state of mind, nothing that happens in your life will ever matter. This life is unimportant. Try to remain in the spirit and you and I will remain in the same mind forever and ever. You and I are on the same sheet of music. Let's keep on singing, the hell with our material bodies and all of their needs. We, in our spiritual state are dominant over them. Don't give your perfect control back to your imperfect body because it has proven itself to be incompetent.

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