Tuesday, August 17

The Evolution of Disney Intros

There was a time, as recently as 1994, when all good movies started like this.

This animation is famous. Most of us grew up with it. Nearly everyone alive, in the western world, today links it to childhood, to innocence, and to a damn good movie.

Back then we made cartoons by hand, each frame painstakingly drawn and painted, one frame at a time. Then something amazing happened. A company called Pixar created the first ever fully CGI Movie, about a Toy Cowboy and his Space Ranger friend, called 'Toy Story'. For the first time ever, an entire movie was animated on a computer screen. And to celebrate, they made the intro animation a little bit more CGI...

But it didn't stop there. More and more films were made on computers. CGI effects became standard in every movie. The quality of animation continued to get higher and animated worlds became more realistic. 

And so, in 2007, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Disney World, they had no difficulty in creating this.

Take a look at those animations again. Compare the top one to the bottom. That transformation happened in a mere 12 years. Remember how excited the world was when Toy Story was made? Remember how novel and new it was. And now 12 years down the line, we take such amazing displays of talent and technology for granted.

This is the promise of humanity. In 12 years, 12 tiny years, human minds came together and changed the world. We are living in a time of amazing discoveries. Technology and Science are progressing faster than ever in recorded history. This is our potential. This is the gift of humanity. We can do so much, so quickly. We have never had more possibility than we do right now. And it's all thanks to the human mind, a bundle of grey, pink and white cells, working non-stop inside your skull.

We are truly incredible beings. We can create worlds of beauty. And maybe we can even make our real world more beautiful as well.

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