Monday, August 9

Hitchens's Spirit Embraces Mortality

I have never been a fan of Christopher Hitchens. Whenever I have seen him speak he has come across as arrogant, with no apparent understanding of, or care for, the other point of view. But to see him discuss his possible upcoming death, with such acceptance, and dignity, I have begun to realise there may be a spirit inside him too.

All of us are mortal, and all of is have but a moment to enjoy here. The trick is to make the most of that moment that you can. Hitchens seems to be happy with the time that he has spent. He accepts that he has brought about his own demise with his lifestyle, but seems satisfied that the candle has burnt bright enough for long enough to justify burning itself out so soon.

There are some who are attempting to see Hitchens's blatant denial of any death bed conversion as a sign that he still believes in some higher power. Nothing can be further from the truth. As the video clearly shows he is very comfortable with his world view. He is just a man who knows that the body is weak and may one day betray him.

I hope we do not lose Hitchens anytime soon. He may be an arrogant Boris Johnson lookalike but he has poetry in his soul and a passion that burns. The man is one of the most rational and logical our generation has seen, and, through his reason and his logic, his spirit shines. 

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