Thursday, August 26

One of the top 50 Atheist blogs of 2010!

Online SchoolAccording to an e-mail I received this morning, my blog has been voted among the top 50 atheist blogs of 2010!

I didn't know such a competition existed until just now, and feel rather like I've just been told that I've won the New-Zealand lottery. I'm not entirely sure whether I should trust this or not. Maybe it's just some big targeted advertising campaign? But when you click on the link there I am. Link number 19 (yes I counted!)

The online school Atheism blog awards judges a blog across 20 different attributes, including content, frequency of updates, amount of advertising, length of posts, and readability, and ranks them in order. To get in the top 50, based on such impressive criteria, is shocking! The fact that someone even bothered to nominate me in the first place is shocking.

This blog is such a baby in the massive established big boy world of Atheist bloggers. It's nice to feel like this baby just won it's first bonny baby competition.

A massive thank you to whoever voted for me! I'll work extra hard now to look like I actually deserved it.

This blog is a baby. Help it to grow. If you like what you've read please share it!

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